How to choose a tactical backpack?

With the development of the times, tactical style backpacks have become a trend, and more and more people use military style backpacks in their daily lives; because of the durability, toughness and convenience brought by the Molle system, tactical backpacks are deeply loved by people. people love it.

But the biggest problem with military-regulated products is that the original intention of production is to use on the battlefield, and what we need is daily carrying, mountaineering, tourism, exploration, etc. These backpacks specially designed for various battlefields may not meet the our daily needs.

How to choose a military tactical backpack?

In fact, very few people will use real military backpacks for daily use, the reason is very simple, a backpack that can meet the normal use in different difficult environments, it can even fill water and rivers, and fill explosives, but it may not be suitable for Pack your laptop, phone, not even hiking.

Another reason is that the original intention of the backpack is to meet the various needs of war missions, thus ignoring the consideration of fashion design. I believe that no one wears this backpack to match clothes.

A tactical backpack that meets the needs of daily use needs to have both the advantages of a tactical backpack, such as toughness, durability, and a mounting system. At the same time, it strengthens the appearance design, waterproof, storage, etc. of the backpack. It is a backpack that meets the needs of daily use.

The material, production process and functional design of the tactical backpack determine the quality of the backpack, so there are a few points to pay attention to.


The fabric of the tactical backpack has many characteristics, such as anti-infrared detection, bulletproof, and fire-proof functions, which are not practical for modern people.

The wear-resistant and waterproof functions of tactical backpacks are very practical in life. Although the more wear-resistant and waterproof the fabric, the better, but the more wear-resistant the fabric is, the heavier the fabric is. Increase.

The use of 900D waterproof Oxford fabric can meet the three major advantages of backpack strength, wear resistance and waterproofing, and Oxford cloth has another major feature, that is, it is not easy to fade; fabrics with low grades may fade with time and sunlight. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the quality of the fabric when choosing.


For backpacks for general tactical purposes, it is inevitable that the buckles are strong and resistant to falling. In order to prevent the soldiers from making noise when running on the battlefield, they also have a tight fitting design and are also resistant to high temperatures. These functions are more in daily use. Can increase the experience.


When the backpack is used on the battlefield, it is often filled with various items, so the quality of the zipper is very important. The strong bite of the large zipper can be easily pulled when the backpack is overloaded.

Molle system

The webbing of the Molle system is the symbol of the appearance of the tactical backpack. It allows the backpack to carry all kinds of necessary accessories, such as medical bags, mobile phone bags, water bottle bags, trekking poles, hanging buckles, etc. It can be said to be a major feature of tactical backpacks. This function is very practical for outdoor use. You can freely assemble backpacks according to your needs, and the combined backpacks have their own characteristics.

Carrying comfort

The capacity of tactical backpacks is generally very large, so there are a lot of things loaded. In order to share the weight of the shoulders, there are generally enough thick and breathable sponge shoulder pads, and buckles are designed on the chest and waist to share the pressure on the shoulders. Carry it firmly. The back pad and back pad mesh of the backpack need to be made of materials that are not easily deformed and breathable to provide cushioning for the pressure of heavy objects.

Design beauty, color choice

Military tactical backpacks will use various camouflage colors that can be perfectly concealed by soldiers according to different battlefield environments, but the camouflage color system is too aggressive for urban people; therefore, the color system can be selected according to different life scenarios.


The backpack is affixed with various patches, which was originally a need for military design. Now many people like to decorate their backpacks in this way, which is very in line with the modern people’s preference for custom styles.

Storage function

Many troops’ tactical backpacks have a cache function, but many are designed for wartime equipment, which may not be suitable for the daily use habits of modern people; bag, so that you can spread out the backpack and quickly find the items you need; if you have the habit of carrying all kinds of EDC items out, or you want to carry all kinds of small life items for multi-day travel, you can choose a backpack with multi-level storage function. Allows you to properly categorize numerous items.

Military-specific tactical backpacks have a cache function, which is designed for the functions of wartime equipment. It may not be suitable for daily use. Based on the convenience of organizing the contents, it is recommended to choose a main bag with a 180-degree U-shaped opening and closing. Open the backpack completely, like a suitcase, to quickly find the items you need. If you have the habit of carrying electronic products out, it is recommended to choose a backpack with a multi-layer storage function, which is more convenient for item classification.

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