About Us

We are an industry and trade company with our own factories and maintain close cooperation with more than 80 different types of factories.

While producing backpacks, we also provide one-stop purchasing services to provide high-quality solutions for different types of customers.

We have professional management and development team. The monthly output are 200,000 piece.

We provide exquisite backpack & make solutions for customers.

We provide private custom service for each customer, and create their own brand backpack.

As a backpack supplier in China, our mission is to provide global customers with the best quality backpacks at the best prices, and we want to excel in product development, excellent service standards and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Product catalog

woafly has industry standard certifications

We are a professional and experienced team

We have participated in many different types of exhibitions and have rich experience in foreign trade.
We give priority to customers and can provide various cost-effective solutions.

Our factory workshop is first-class in China

Design and R&D are our advantages, and samples can be produced in as little as 5 days; as a trendy product, bags can only be recognized by the market if they are constantly updated and changed.

20+ production experience

We have many experienced and skilled masters who take every link seriously to ensure that every bag produced is of high quality.



“Experience is the best teacher”, our factory not only has many masters with more than 10 years of experience, but also has an experienced business team, which can not only ensure the quality of your backpack, but also give you a satisfactory solution.


As a professional backpack supplier, Woafly provides customers with one-stop purchasing services, continuously expands market share, and strengthens unique quality control system. We cover all bag products: casual sports backpacks, computer backpacks, tactical backpacks, briefcases, handbags, chest bags, luggage and more

Professional OEM/ODM service

Our team of designers create new styles every year to ensure that we can keep up with changes in the market, and we can also customize the backpack you need according to your needs.

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